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Cloud Based Recruitment Software in Saudi Arabia – Social Media and Recruitment Methodology

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Basic and Effective Social Media Recruitment

Web-based social networking is significantly more than only an approach to stay in contact with loved ones. Today, it fills in as a systems administration device of unparalleled extension and contact, associating individuals from around the globe in beforehand outlandish ways. Enrollment specialists and HR chiefs have rushed to lock on to this, and numerous now perceive the significance of utilizing online networking to select the best and brightest from around the globe. Online networking has additionally conveyed new layers of straightforwardness to enlistment, permitting managers more noteworthy understanding into a hopeful's abilities and experience. Because of this, Hello Talent enables you to utilize the energy of web-based social networking to streamline your ability sourcing and disentangle the enrollment procedure. Find how you can tackle the biggest and most extensive systems on the planet with recruitment software.

Computerized Social Recruitment

Increasing more prominent understanding into imminent hopefuls is critical amid the enlistment procedure, and making a more comprehensive photo of an individual is one such manner by which to accomplish this. Gratefully, web-based social networking enables scouts to do only that, filling in the holes left by conventional CVs and introductory letters and adding to the information as of now increased through the meeting procedure with recruitment software. Furthermore, ranges of abilities can be coordinated and profiles adjusted to guarantee that imminent workers are an ideal choice for a specific position.

Cloud Based Recruitment Software

Social Finder Networks

Through robotized online networking conglomeration, accessible in our top-notch accounts, Hello Talent enables you to find a radical new world inability sourcing with recruitment software. Naturally locate an online networking profile by essentially entering in the applicant's email address, see various records rapidly and effectively through our exhaustive show board, and utilize what you figure out how to send customized messages to your hopefuls. Tackling the energy of web-based social networking to enable you to the source, sort out, survey, enrol, and procure hopefuls has never been less demanding.

Proactive Talent Sourcing for all Businesses

Beginning with Hello Talent is speedy, basic and free. Take a couple of minutes to enter your points of interest and friends data to begin—normally, you can likewise join to our social selecting stage utilizing Facebook and LinkedIn. Notwithstanding our standard administrations, a Premium administration is additionally accessible, giving significantly greater usefulness—enabling you to be focused on the commercial centre with recruitment software. At last, our Enterprise Custom bundle consolidates all the usefulness of the Premium bundle with mass evaluating and the alternative for ATS reconciliation.

Find community-oriented enrolling, effective hierarchical devices, basic availability alternatives and significantly more with our helpful programming. On the off chance that you are searching for the best ability available, at that point look no more remote than Hello Talent to help you enrol it.

Why POS Software Should Be Your First Focus

With the advancement of technology, store owners in Pakistan are transforming from bricks to clicks. They are upgrading their traditional cash registers to retail pos system. Nowadays, retail POS system is becoming a must have for businesses in Pakistan because of its features which are beneficial for increased productivity. It synchronizes both back-end and front-end operations of the business and provides an accurate analysis which plays a vital role in business success.

POS stands for point of sale. In the beginning, when POS software was introduced, it was just used to perform some basic tasks such as transactions but nowadays retail POS systems act as a backbone of the business as a lot of new features are added in them with the passage of time and customer feedback.

Retail POS system basically consist of POS software and hardware. The software is provided by the IT provider which manages your different tasks of the business while on the other hand hardware consist of different equipment such as printer, bar-code scanner, monitor, p.c or tablet/cellphone as per persons requirement.

In Pakistan retail POS system can supports almost every kind of business. Whether you own a restaurant or you are running a coffee shop or even if you own a retail store, POS software can help you in aligning your routine tasks in an efficient manner. It helps you in managing merchants, retailers, and with features such as sales reporting and analytics, customer management, loyalty programs, inventory management, employee management, and online sales.

There are two types of retail POS system offered in Pakistan:

  1. On-Premises POS software
  2. Cloud-based POS software


Following are the benefits of a good POS software:

Inventory Management

POS software offers a module in which you can manage your inventory. Inventory of both retail store and warehouse can be seen on a single screen. It helps in keeping a check on your stock and analyzing which products are most demanded. By keeping a track of your inventory, a person can ensure the availability of the most demanded products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Relation Management

It helps you to keep a track of your customer and changing trends in the market. A person can determine by seeing the previous year’s report of that particular time and date to ensure the availability of the product. It also keeps a check on vendor details as pay-orders and goods receiving noted are also created in the same software.

POS (Point of sale)

Point of sale is the place where the transactions are made. Bar-code scanning fasten ups the process of billing and an accurate bill can be made with no time as you just have to scan the products and it will automatically create the bill by summing up all the items retail price and the invoice is generated.


An accurate report of all the financial matters can be made by performing a trend analysis and comparing all the transactions up till the date. It reduces the workload as if performed manually there are chances of errors and it will be time consuming as well.


In the growing market, it's very necessary for retailers to stay up to date. Every business is getting revolutionized with the advancement of time and electronic record keeping is getting more significant. In the retail business check and balance of inventories is a necessary element. To run your business successfully keeping eye on the stock, product outages, purchase records and delivery is a necessity. Retail record keeping is one of the toughest tasks as the retailer requires to know every single aspect of the product available in the inventory. A product colour, size, amount, variety and alternatives availability needs to be on fingertips. The number of hardware and software’s are available in the market to ease retail dealings.

 Is it getting trouble for you to manually add stock entries? Are you struggling with the software integration on your system?

                                             Isn’t keeping eye on each aspect is real-time trouble?

To confront your all struggles Solution dots had come up with an online pos system. To facilitate the retailers, it’s a very handy tool. It’s designed totally with retail shop features such as have the ability to do inventory tracking, employee commissions management, customer database, and purchase orders. Pos systems for retail stores are turning as a necessary tool.

Benefits of Being a POS Software User:

•    Stock Entry and Management

Buying bulk of stocks from whole sellers and maintaining their record is necessary for future dealings. POS system allows you to do real-time data entry without any duplication and error. Once entered list is stored and software Is capable of accessing it whenever required. This feature eases the life of the retailer from memorizing things every time. Back office work also gets smoothen like items addition, categorization, grouping and stock counting. Even system can automatically calculate sales commissions and can prevent loss by detecting suspicious activity in transactions. sales history and stats can help to make buying decisions for seasonal purchasing.

•     Minimizes Manual Labor

Online pos software usage minimizes the efforts of employees and one person can become capable of handling almost 10 person’s tasks. Every required information is available on one click. No more need left to run across your store and find out the required things. Even the location of the kept product can be accessed within the store. All you have to do is click and here you go with the rack and shelf number. Furthermore, if anything is out of stock system automatically gives outage alerts. With an online pos system, one can easily oversee work schedules, manage staff roster, and staffing costs.

•    Improved Customer Service

POS helps to collect Customer data, gain valuable insights about customers buying habits. With the help of this kind of data, customer loyalty can be judged and regular customers can be awarded special discounts. Customer purchase history can help to get an idea of what kind of items are rapidly required in the outlet. Integration of bar-code scanners and credit card machines with the POS system can make customers experience at your outlet more convenient.

With growing market and customer requirements it’s real-time trouble to tackle every aspect manually. Pos systems for retail stores is a blessing and a major need of the hour. If you are looking for an easy to use and customizable software than nothing can be more beneficial than Solution dots POS system.

What to Look in ERP Accounting Software Before Implementation?

An ERP accounting software is specially designed automatically send invoices to all clients on a specific date. There is no more need to send email separately to every individual. Let's suppose you have a client they wanted to clear invoice on the 15th of every month. Accounting software automatically generates and share invoice on the specific date according to the schedule. It helps in saving a great deal of time and reduce your efforts.

Some of you might be great in numbers but still, everyone doesn't have the same qualities. Some people may easily handle simple calculations but probably not comfortable with big calculations. But if you're working as an accountant, be sure you can't afford mistakes. Previously accounts field is joined by people who are confident in mathematical qualities. But being a business owner, it seems difficult to have the same level of expertise to manage your business. ERP accounting software for small business is a perfect solution that makes finance handling easier for you as an accountant. So, if you're finding out a reliable solution to increase the productivity and secure quality time that consumed in different processes software adoption is going to be an ideal solution. It makes your life easier for efficient management and effective decision making.

The best need for any business is its proceeded with progress and development. Staff is procured and methodologies are made arrangements for fruitful objective accomplishment. Records office assumes a critical job improvement of systems. Alongside effective staff, the organization additionally need usage of the correct innovation that meets the desired level and backing in objective achievement. ERP accounting software for small business is specially developed to help company without affecting its budget limitation and timeline. Here, we've gathered together 4 noteworthy ways to deal with characterizing, how really innovation helps in increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Here we'll provide a list of a few important features that should be included within the accounting software.

Online Invoice Management

Whether you're an accountant or a business owner, there is always a need to generate and share client invoices. Online invoice management offered by software solution help in an easy generation, sharing and record keeping. Software not only supports in sharing invoices but also maintain complete record according to the client's credentials.


Online Expense Monitoring

Remember, you don't have selected software just for calculations but also need to take a comprehensive view of all business financial activities. Finance monitoring is the most important part of any business for expense management. So, while purchasing software, it is necessary to have a look at the expense and finance monitoring solution. An ideal ERP software for finance empower the users to decide how to manage receipts and login record effectively. Automatic data management and entry tool is an ideal solution to enable easy monitoring. It helps in securing payment and time.

Automatic Reminders

Sometimes the client fails to pay invoices on time. You need to take care of them by sending reminders after a specific timeframe. Chasing up payments and sending reminders is increase your work burden. So, ERP accounting software should be able to send automatic reminders for late payments. It supports in payment chasing process for due payments. No more need to waste time in trying to get back pay because it will be done automatically. Your responsibility is to stay focused to improve customer services and additional important tasks.